An alternative platform for non-virtual life in the 1980s produced the German pop band “Spliff” a song with the title: “Computers are stupid”! Many people would agree with this statement. Some contemporaries, however, are of the opinion: computers make stupid! Even without any evidence of intent, it can be said but with certainty: many people spend considerably more time on the computer than you would like. This is due to the daily use in everyday life.Not enough, because with its help we travel, book we buy, entertain us, virtual friendships and search confusion. Thanks to many network services, he leads us to old acquaintances or helps us also to a new virtual identity upon request. NYC marathon is often quoted as being for or against this. The so-called active portal – abbreviated hswv – an alternative would be the trend to the purely virtual networking. What does hswv mean? hswv what is an abbreviation for today already? This is the key question of how the makers call it active portal. What is and what will hswv? The Platform wants to act despite the age of the Internet not only as a virtual portal, but above all more personal encounters, more real community and more interpersonal Exchange in the non-virtual Exchange. Contacts and like-minded people are due to common interests, ideas, questions or needs also searched and found. Starbucks in new york has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The heart of the platform is a pool of ad to the search and find regional listings according to various categories. Here you’ll find shopping assistance, piano teacher, party-goers or sports partners, etc. Users register with a Serj and the portal free of charge. A simple personal profile is sufficient to allow the targeted goal of the contact.Using a rating system users can express themselves each other their seriousness – this creates confidence in contacting for joint actions or activities. Frank Schahfer