Russian Navigation Technologies

In 2010, 18 November at the birthday of Santa Claus and the main winter wizard in the world will truly be a special, since 18 November 2010 Santa Claus is awarded the original surprise – a modern rod connected to the GLONASS-panel monitor AutoTracker. Stick with the help of the glonass satellite system will transmit the coordinates of the fabulous magician in the protected control unit. On his birthday Santa Claus will include bulb itself the first Christmas tree in the Great Ustyug. Then Santa Claus magician will go on a journey to work wonders and do good deeds. From 2010, thanks to the innovative staff of Santa Claus, to be delivered to the birthday of Father Claus, we opening up modern technical innovations that have become an integral part of our modern life. Santa Claus has long mastered the computer, write blogs, social networks, receiving messages from children to e-mail,, using a mobile radio telephone to talk with their colleagues wizards.

One of his colleagues in St. Petersburg can be ordered support sites for search queries. To keep pace with the dictates of the time Santa Claus we must also use more recent innovations. Decided to make the magician such an exclusive Present in the development of innovative technology, said Ivan Nechaev, ceo of Russian Navigation Technologies, responsible for complete software project glonass will show the path of Santa Claus. " The manufacture staves Santa Claus worked his top aides winter wizard: Wise Owl, who knows everything the tradition of Santa Claus and Berestyanych, a connoisseur of Russian crafts.

They are easy to hear that the image of Russian folk tales and Santa Claus rituals associated with the winter solstice. This is the time when the sun as it stops in the sky then to slowly turn around and go north toward the spring. But that is exactly what occurred during the notorious winter we Christmastime. Still the Sun "finds his feet," he " road, and as a result freed of ice of the river rushing to the seas. Only does all this is not Varuna, and Santa Claus. Recall that our great-grandparents began to "click" Frost is a Nikolina days – from December 19-20 on 17-18 January, which was a lunar month (29 days). It is connected with ancient ideas about what "Moon – the sun dead", and "the way of the ancestors is the moon, where souls return to earth by rain, dew or snow." Winter Yuletide, lasting in world of living for a month in the lunar world of the ancestors were one day. How old Varuna, our Santa Claus joins the world of the living and the world of the dead, their descendants and ancestors. From the legends we know that our Santa Claus holding a wintergreen wood – fir, luminous stars – the branches and the judges of their children, paying homage to all on merit, like its prototype Varuna, the supreme and just judge. We wish you all very much like to meet in 2011 with a wish fulfillment leave all the bad things in the past year. So let the good luck you will present the New Year, and his friendship with Santa Claus will bring you success!