Pasting Wallpaper Surface

When wallpapering lap edge blend cloth should be addressed to the incident light, so sticking them start from the angle formed by the wall, which are the windows. Initially, with a plumb need to check the vertical angle. If the angle deviates from the vertical, then on the wall, as close as possible to the corner to mark the vertical plumb risks, which will serve as a guide for attaching the first piece of cloth wallpaper. At the top of the wall mark a horizontal line. Desktop laid on the floor or a table stacked, face down. To paste for anointing the front side is not dirty, they are placed with a shift of one piece of cloth relative to each other by 2-3 cm Cooked paste spread over the centrifugal wallpaper brush and carefully edge.

Glue wallpaper only after a panel of saturated paste. Before bonding the edge again. Desktop should soak the same time, according to the manufacturer's recommendation. room wallpaper two workers. One of them is wallpaper and plaster took the cloth, gives it to the second, working with table or walkways. Adopting the flag, the working dissolve it and pressing to the surface and sticks so that the edge coincides with the vertical or the angle of risk. At the same time, the first worker, standing on the floor, first supports the lower end of the cloth, and then glues it to the wall. To remain on the wallpaper is not bubbles and wrinkles, they leveled it with a stiff brush movement from center to edge and top to bottom.