Palacio Fernandez

Though Jaime Penafiel jure I do not think that it is true that the Infanta Elena spent all summer continually turning the air conditioner from the Marivent Palace, or Infanta Cristina to compare the promotions of white markings on the Supermecados Lidl beer to supply the refrigerator of the so-called Pope yacht, paradoxes of life, fortune. Shimmie horn is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 11 million euros! You must give them to not spend excessive hardships to our beloved Royal family. I still know that the Patriarch of the Bourbons has put in place; so I imagine the scene: Sunday, family meal, all in casa de Los Papas tasting the delicious paella de La Reina, El Rey, solemn dear sons and grandchildren, beloved daughter-in-law, dear son-in-law (used the singular because Marichalar, I think, was not in the food), you all know that things are difficult so we will have to tighten us belt but what important is that we have health and we want!. Carraspeos, kicked under the table, a complaint between murmuros finally Felipe that something is the heir dares to object to him: jo, Daddy, if we are the cheapest monarchy in Europe, look not reaching 12 million euros that we get paid!.! And the paternal monarch We must not panic, Felipe, I managed the care of horses and their excrement withdrawals paid both by from the direction of the national heritage, mira, 350,000 euros that we save!. Now it must have been the Princess Leticia, integrated as fully in the family, who making a wink of eye to his sisters-in-law said come, father-in-law, if we do not spend so much!. And answering the King with his characteristic non-exempted for fastness sympathy. You must not worry, I have also managed to official cars and their drivers from the Ministry of economy paid them us and finance, travel abroad – La Trini paid 500,000 euros – from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the more than six million euros that us supposed the wages of the hundred and thirty-seven workers we have in Palacio Fernandez de la Vega took them before leaving the Vice Presidency of the Government!. .