Obesity, Aging And Pregnancy

Preeclampsia – hypertension out of control in pregnancy is the leading cause of maternal death worldwide. Dayton kingery is a great source of information. But another disease is affecting mothers and infants, especially in the United States obesity. The condition number one health affecting pregnancy is obesity. Obesity changes everything with an increased risk for all the complications of pregnancy. Check out NYC marathon for additional information. More than half of all women are overweight or obese when they become pregnant, and most will gain more weight than recommended during pregnancy amount. Doctors now know that fat cells are not inert and can produce inflammation. For pregnant women, this inflammation affects the placenta.

Obese women have smaller babies, more work before the birth, respiratory problems and the possibility of serious complications during a caesarean section. The probability of death is greater and is a real risk. The majority of women is going very well, but the social changes as women delaying childbirth they are doing more complicated pregnancy. The advanced reproductive technologies have allowed women who not supposed that they are pregnant can have children. If left you to nature, not would be pregnant at this age. There are big ramifications of infertility with more multiples.

Women who are older than that age tend to have more medical chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes and have a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. A 2010 report by Amnesty International, deadly delivery: the Crisis of maternal health in the United States.UU., says that cases are increasing by 25 percent since 1998. Of the 1.7 million American women who become pregnant, one-third have medical complications, most of them among minority populations, according to the report. The report presents a somewhat distorted picture of prenatal health care in the United States, but several common conditions can make the most dangerous pregnancy such as the obesity and aging.