North America

IMPORTANCE OF the No COMPANY we can avoid in the present one soothes to study the importance of the company, which har that we have ample knowledge but of the subject known like the company. The same is quite important in the development of the towns, thus the state must stimulate the creation of companies, in such sense to greater amount or nmero of mainly great companies and companies greater econmico growth. 5. DESCINCENTIVOS FOR the CONSTITUTION OF COMPANIES UNDER a TYPE OF LEGAL PERSON Considering that the jurdicas people pay but who the natural people are clear that in the Peruvian state the constitution of companies under the types of jurdica person is discouraged. The descincentivos are measured legal legal or extralegal that it has as an aim to eliminate or to reduce the frequency of a certain activity or conduct, thus in the present one it soothes we have talked about this important subject that is studied by the econmico analysis of the right, that stops some authors is mtodo of investigacin and for others he is mtodo of interpretation.

Putting record that the metodlogos study these subjects, for some of which they constitute the same and for others they are different subjects, in such sense is not a pacfico subject in the doctrine. 6. ECONOMIC GROWTH AND COMPANIES Considering that the right is related to the economy we must study in this soothes the econmico growth related to the companies to have or to obtain approaches econmicos or of economy. The companies cause that a greater econmico growth in the different states exists, which can place their goods and services in internal markets, external and international, thus it is clear that lmites of the states does not constitute obstacle for the circulation of the same, and in some assumptions they even exist branch in other states for example a company residing in the United States of North America it can vlidamente have branches in Japn, Spain, Per, Australia, Belgium, Girl, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, among others states, thus is clear that if an industralist does not dominate the establishment of branches he is very probable that ste is a strong impediment for the growth of their company, leaving certainty that slo the jurdicas people cannot have branches but tambin the natural people, thus is clear that the reached econmico growth with the companies is very important for the development of the states.