Natural Wood Stairs

Do you need a ladder that would not creak, and would have served you long? We can do this for you! In the entire history of human existence staircase serves as his faithful friend and helper. In a modern house it is essential element of three-dimensional solutions of the building, a bridge between different levels of high-rise building or surrounding area. The main tasks associated with the construction of stairs, are correct mathematical calculation of its components, installation location, and location, material selection and quality of their treatment. Therefore, your ladder should be: reliable safe comfortable durable has always pleasing to the eye does not bother feet and ears to all these requirements are met stairs SPD "Zielinski" Here you will find so a wide range of design solutions, which, undoubtedly, your future wooden staircase organically 'fit' in virtually any room. Even in the desperate situation we will find out! Our experts will help you choose a style decision wooden stairs, taking into account the peculiarities of the interior in the area of its location.

You can be sure that the wooden staircase, made by our firm, will serve for many years, and will always make you happy. Stairs from the tree – it is not only a connection between 2mi or more floors. This element of the interior and another symbol of stability and prosperity in the room. This ladder will become a calling card of your home! Firm "Zielinski" will take care of your home stairs will never squeak. Such an effect throughout the entire life cycle is achieved by special fixtures throughout the stair construction. You have not yet chosen what kind of ladder to get home? Come to us! And we will help you identify and make a decent choice. According to a ladder you do not get tired to climb! We STAIRS offer from natural wood (ash, oak). Marching, screw on the Bolza (any difficulty).

"Air" in appearance and durable in operation. Italian technology, suitable for any type of dwelling and "fit" in any interior. Measurement, design, delivery, installation, warranty. High quality, exclusive designs.