Multilevel Programs

What is the neuro-linguistic programming and how you can help us to develop our multilevel?. The neuro-linguistic programming is a school of pragmatic thinking which holds that all human behavior is developed on a structure or thinking template learned, which can be detected to be modeled or copied by other people and get similar results. We use our senses to perceive reality and bring this information to the brain and there from this information we create our own reality, (a representation of it) which we express to others through language. Not only spoken, but through body language. And this is an aspect that must be looked after, not only when we are developing our business. Since other people perceive if we say matches our attitude or way of projecting us, there must be congruence between these two things. Even though we mention we’re communicating. Our silence is speaking by us.

Our behavior and our thoughts create programs of behavior. While most repeat these programs stronger these are made. The good news is that possible to re – is schedule us and that is precisely one of the objectives of this science, identify those programmes, thoughts or behaviors that we have to limit our potential, our development and once identified work on them to re – schedule and achieve our maximum potential. If someone is able to develop particular ability or attitude, anyone can do it. The main thing in this process is the commitment to achieve change. Based on this knowledge, it is possible to identify internal strategies that successful people use, learn them and teach them to others (modeling); to facilitate a positive evolutionary change, elevate our self-esteem and the mindset of success so necessary in the development of any business. Remember, a mistake is not a failure, is only an indication for doing something different.