Moscow Metro

We tend to think of Subway as a system of underground transport. After all, in fact, the way it is – the largest metro can carry up to 10 million passengers daily. Trains are located deep underground and not encountering any obstacles in its path, can gain tremendous speed, which makes them extremely important for people who urgently need to get somewhere in the middle of traffic jams. Without the metro New York or Tokyo would simply have risen. That's it and keeps the whole public transport: it so happened that the train suddenly broke and got stuck in a tunnel – and thousands of people would not come to work. Therefore, each subway system is securely fitted, so that prevent fire or collision.

But the function subway, in fact, is not confined to transport. Of course, the passengers who sit in cars, are as a rule, in the standby mode, and before you board the train, they must estimate how many stations they go, and if possible choose the shortest route. So unlikely they would have thought to spend the holidays in a dungeon. In this article we will just about those underground places where people want to be. Amsterdam metro relatively small, only 4 lines and 40 stations. And in the usual sense it is not underground, because only 3 kilometers – below ground.

But when a train plunges into the ground, it all begins – the first as the station switches over your attention, you seem to have got into the museum, paintings and sculptures everywhere, but in contrast to the museum exhibits, these can be approached, touched them, and some made in the image of a shop, and even to sit, waiting for the train. Connoisseurs avant-garde will be delighted with bright colors, that are still pulling in some psychedelic journey. Well, it does not take a ride on a train in all this, purely for pleasure? In addition, visitors always feel the subway delicate flavor, which is artificially created by special aromaraspylitelyami established everywhere. Every 4 weeks odors change and replace one comes the other, no less pleasant. Yes, employees of the Moscow Metro will be as sweat to create an atmosphere of celebration and harmony. Another example of how to be present, Metro is the subway in Tokyo. There's nothing better than the 40-degree heat outside to dive in cool deep tunnel under the powerful air conditioning. The trains audiences entertained around the clock and transfer movies, shown on large monitors that are installed in all carriages on some pieces. In conjunction with quiet ride and soft seats people really creates a good mood. Incidentally the Korean subway passengers can indicate how much they have it good on a 10-point scale and the data analyzed and posted on the big screen at all stations in the form of mid-level sentiment for day / month / year coup. The mood of each year in people is rising, and may someday reach the coveted 10-ki How does the metro should be Ideally? Fast, comfortable, safe. So that it can live a week without experiencing discomfort. Steps in this direction have already been made – for example, Japan's subway is a kind of a fun: restaurants, shops, cinemas, attracting millions of tourists from those countries where it is not. I very much hope that the authorities take care of our own, the Moscow metro