Michal Kosakowski

Pharoahe work follow here purely formal aesthetic and due to the artisanal process point of view, the resulting surface pattern discuss the subject, exploring the perception of the artist, without to impose an interpretation level beneath its surface to the Viewer. Not only indirectly are associated people to their personal and professional environments, as that makes the object of their Metadiskurses of the culture industry artists, collectors, curators and gallery owners, but also the production of art and the institutions themselves, Uli Aigner. As an artist and curator, Uli Aigner is predestined to disclose those mechanisms and formulas and critically to discuss which the powerful interpretation and importance of machinery of the art world, its protagonists and their market move. In the video work developed along with filmmaker Michal Kosakowski the curious Museum”, which is created for the Lentos Art Museum Linz and condensed intensive and long discussions with actors in the production field of contemporary art to a study of current discourse formulas, expressed linguistically these parameters. And no matter how well always distant relations within the culture industry may be: the ideal remains an ideal, that seeks to realize Uli Aigner in life and work the fruitful, mutual inspiration. ULI Aigner, born 1965 lives in Munich.

She showed their work, inter alia in Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Linz, Istanbul, New York, Mexico, London and Riga. There are already a whole series of important Oublikationen to your work. The exhibition is the second big solo exhibition with works by Uli Aigner at maltzahn fine arts. Note on May 25 at 19:30 will be in the rooms of the gallery a public conversation between the artist and Dr. Stella rollig, Director of the Lentos Art Museum Linz, instead. 11 May to 4th June 2011 exhibition opening hours Tuesday with Saturday, 2 pm to 6 pm and appointment by appointment from maltzahn fine arts gotzinger fruit farm road 52 b, 2. backyard, 1 floor right 81371 Munich press information: von-maltzahn-fine-arts.pressdoc.com/