Local Authorities Want

Trend seminar “Re-municipalization” the European Academy for taxes, economics & law shows options for successful network acquisitions on Berlin, April 19, 2010 – in the next two years, concession contracts end 2000 by electricity and gas networks, which municipalities have sold twenty years ago on private energy suppliers. Numerous cities and towns want to use this opportunity to reconnect to local power grids of energy suppliers. Clear thinking. Earlier the plants considered to be troublesome and expensive, today they are traded as an attractive investment because return on sales are expected by 6-7% and communities proactively can improve their climate footprint, for example, with the decision to purchase green electricity. In the Spiegel Online Forum, attack on the energy giant related to the article by Ralph Dane man”(April 14, 2010, see source), the subject of hotly discussed.

Some welcome the departure of monopoly structures”and again wish many decentralised energy suppliers in Germany. Others to Miss long-term Think and complain about the sell / buy back mentality”of local authorities. “The opinions range from amused comments as are the elephants feel but disturbed when attacking the mosquitoes”, until going to conspiracy theories, according to which the energy companies the hype? back to municipalities? specifically fueled have to quickly to dispose of everything, because major repairs are due”. Dier man writes to lack competence in mains operation the local authorities and describes that can cause major challenges of decentralized electricity supply, to volatile networks and power fluctuations. Those concerns share some commentators of the online article. It provocatively ask time honestly: you want to have the same quality as on our motorways and country roads with the power supply? -Unfortunately we not connect your new over the next 3 years to the power supply, because our community has currently no means?” In preparation for the acquisitions of power leads “European Academy for taxes, economics & law of the 26.-27 April a seminar titled re-municipalization” by. Is the Managing Director of the Hamburg talks among others Michael Beckereit, energy, over the way of the municipal energy supply and the appearance in the competition.

Six more experienced speakers will speak on subjects such as economics and financing of net acquisitions or building a city work. The participants about their options for action will be informed with numerous practical examples.