Linear Parks

Although this idea has taken care of in part the necessities of places for recreation, it also provoked problems related to the displacement of people who many times if saw hindered to transit in the chosen ways as Streets of Leisure. On the other hand, the measure that the population growth was if accenting many streams had had each time plus its busy edges for discarding of garbage, voluminous rubbish and other materials. With passing of the time, the action of inhabitants of next areas the streams allowed that this reality was being modified. With the plantation of changes of different species, with the tracing of tracks of walked, the reality of many paulistanos streams if modified. With the support of the municipal public service, the tracks of walked had gained floors appropriate, new arbreos vegetable changes had passed to be planted and the plantation of lawns collaborates for improvement of the landscape. Thus being the idea of that grew the edges of a stream, that exactly poludos, they do not need to be abandoned and they can better be used to advantage. Source: shimmie horn. The idea of the Linear Parks or Running Greens, throughout the time passed also to be adopted for canals in general way, scenic ways, railway lines, marginal fronts, moreover the resource also passed to be used for linking of green areas, natural reserves, landmark of cultural patrimonies or until areas habitacionais. Beyond the preservation of the edges of streams and the fertile valley areas, the Linear Parks also play important role preservation of the urban fauna, mainly of the birds in general way..