Leadership Vision

You think, feel what she thinks and she acts established in what she feels. Then to become something that is valid the penalty you he must consider these phases: to think, to feel and to act. But nothing really great he can be alone fact. You need people to make something for them and you yourselves. If you are leader everything you start with you! But you do not summarize yourself. Then you need to work relationships and principles that go to establish the new reality that for the time being is only in its mind. How to generate permanent bonds with people so that they assume the vision that has for them? The reply he is: becoming related with them.

He has interest for them. So that they feel themselves and they know that really they are important is necessary to use time with them. This is its more important resource and if not to dedicate it people to it they will not changed themselves into disciples, fis and on who if she can count. They will not receive the vision if not to trust you! Necessary to become related individually with each one of its group. It is not easy task, but it is the only form to touch in its hearts. you also need to reach them through the emotion.

Not only for the reason or the vision. They need to feel the benefits to follow you. Then first she conquers, later shows they as you can help to reach what she intends. To make to understand them that, what they search are good for also is an excellent way to receive adhesion and support. If to quizer that people follow the vision that you possess reach its hearts. Remember-If that has a person and a group that you need to lead: you yourselves and the others. In what it says respect exactly itself, is without a doubt, the part most difficult. But if to obtain to lead itself exactly, also will obtain to lead others. It uses the head to lead itself exactly inside of its prposito and uses the heart and the head to lead to the others. Firmed bonds will give a base to it for the leadership. Questions to reflect: 1) What you obtained to alone making something without support of other people? It thinks 2) You have worked the relationships with people who arrive until you? The USA principles to become related or never was worried about this? 3) What you prioritize in the use of its time? Its target? Attendance ace necessities of they surround that you? The necessity of the moment? What? 4) That benefits the people would have to following its vision? 5) You occupy in its development or she only takes care of so that others make what you need that is made?