Landscape Design

Smartly-designed lighting scheme infield primarily designed to serve a practical purpose: to cover the system of pedestrian walkways, entrance areas and access roads to ensure the safety and convenience movement of residents. But also, it should create a complete image of garden-park ensembles of individual composite elements (rock gardens, fountains, small architectural forms, especially ornamental plants) in the dark time and emphasizes their aesthetic features. When choosing outdoor lighting is important to remember that the stress should not be more powerful than 12 volts, so as not to pose a danger to humans and animals. Lighting infield can be roughly classified as: 1. Utilitarian, general purpose – lighting the porch, the entrance to the garage, parking lot, garden paths. For these purposes, are generally used traditional wall and pole mounted fixtures with incandescent bulbs. Such lamps are relatively inexpensive, functional, but aesthetically inexpressive. Bright "spots of light, produced by lamps filament does not enhance the beauty of the facade or the self, yes, but rather dark and smazhut overall impression.

The latter undesirable effect can be avoided by installing an additional decorative lighting. The exterior design of garden lanterns and lamps are selected according to style direction home and garden, 2. Protective light ensures safety at home and its inhabitants. This outdoor lighting is usually fitted with motion sensors (mounted in lamp), which react to moving objects. Often, protective light is connected to a common alarm. The direction of light in the safety lamp should go in the direction of the house into the garden to provide a circular field of view owners of the house.