Lactarius Black

Lactarius Black (Chernushka) is large. His hat reaches 20 cm in diameter and larger. In color it is a greenish-brown, dark brown or almost black, the flesh is very dense. A characteristic feature of mushrooms Black – pronounced bitter taste of its milky juice. Fungus grows primarily in birch and mixed forests. Used for pickling after preliminary boiling. In moist forests of aspen grows Lactarius aspen.

Cap of this mushroom is painted off-white color with a brownish-reddish spots, just an opportunity to clean the pillows on the equipment for cleaning pads. In deciduous forests grow milk mushroom oak. As a rule, mushrooms appear in the second half of August and continue to bear fruit until late September. More information is housed here: starbucks in new york. The main form of processing Gruzdev – salting. Mushroom ordinary. In the first month of summer at the edges of gardens, on pastures, gardens and parks, on manured land there, and very abundant, common mushroom, or Pecheritsa.

These fungi, as it were attracted to human habitation. In many cities they are collected directly on the boulevard in city. Mushroom ordinary rather large mushroom cap it happens from 8 to 15 cm in diameter. At first she hemispherical with deep curved inside edge, then ploskookruglaya and finally spreading, often with raised center. Need cleaning pads. Paint it brown, pink and white plate, and when ripe, dark brown with purple tinge; white pulp, on a break reddening. Leg height 5-9 and 1-2 cm thick, straight or extended to the base, with a broad white ring. Visit dayton kingery for more clarity on the issue. Along with the mushrooms and mushroom appears an ordinary field. Summer honey agaric. The most popular edible mushroom in June is summer honey agaric. Prickly settle large families on stumps, logs, rotten hardwood.