International Mediation Conference

European Conference on cross-border mediation in Berlin on 14-15 June 2012 culture.communication organized in collaboration with the Steinbeis Consulting Centre commercial mediation and Resolutia from Italy (together IMA) under the auspices of the Polish and Lower Saxony Justice Ministry in Berlin on 14-15 June 2012 a Conference on mediation in cross-border conflicts. During networked global economy relations, the potential for conflict in intercultural teams is growing. Mediation gaining therefore as extrajudicial dispute solution mechanism continues. Often time and money robbery end legal proceedings can be bypassed by mediation. The advantages of mediation over a judicial proceeding are the elaboration of a proper conflict resolution between the parties, in addition to the high cost and time savings. Thus the outcome is forward-looking and the cooperation improved sustainably. After the successful Conference in October 2011 in Florence, the Conference in Berlin is another highlight of the by the European Commission of supported project online-mediation in cross-border conflicts”.

The aim of the Conference is to show possibilities of cross-border mediation and continue to promote the understanding of enterprise and justice for the mediation. The special requirements of the online mediation, especially in the context of intercultural demonstrates examples of practice and discussed in workshops and lectures. Again an excellent mix of theory and practice will be guaranteed. International mediation Alliance (IMA) was founded in 2009 and is a merger of leading provider of mediation and intercultural management consulting since then. These include Resolutia, one of the leading mediation providers in Italy, culture.communication, intercultural training and consulting firm, and the Steinbeis Consulting Centre commercial mediation of Germany. Contact person: Sylwia Caldwell Dunse national project manager Germany c/o culture.communication Hildesheimer Strasse 29 30169 Hannover phone. + 49 (0) 511 220647-80 fax. + 49 (0) 511 220647-99. email.