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And yet you impose that you are interested in this product, hmm so why should I? Further inventory that these methods have used people, which included websites And students now include on their websites about how to reduce the girl in the cafe They write also that it helped people, but maybe one visitor per week, this is help for them Writes also that people are making money on this, but what exactly? On the fact that people buy this product, so of course the sellers make money Further, potehonku drives off the topic, saying that the site is your brand, but what’s the brand when it comes to product, “How promote your website? “And then go on about the price of the product: why spend money on pointless advice, if you can buy this product at a low price? But getting the product we, too, spend money In Generally, the content of the product is simply not on, because all the time we are talking about a certain product, but its main purpose (site promotion) and is not mentioned. And let’s look at the findings, which laid when reading the text: why you are here? The product contains advice that helped people; people are making money on this; site is your brand; why spend the money if the product is low price? The result was simply “Porridge”. Have you noticed that content says about anything? With such success could be completed this description of an opera in the theater.. .