Human Rights International

New short film about the history of human rights was presented at the sixth human rights meeting in Geneva and met with great approval the documentation explains in simple words the history of development of human rights. Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, President of the human rights initiative “Youth for Human Rights International” said about the film that this was”a gift for millions of people on all continents” and the film should be shown even in the most remote areas in the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. Roosevelt was the driving force behind the emergence of the “Universal Declaration of human rights” the 1948 was adopted by the UN General Assembly. The human rights campaign driven by “Youth for Human Rights International” has been designed that it evokes a worldwide support for the “Universal Declaration of human rights” as it was adopted in 1948 by the United Nations. Therefore, the human rights training materials be made available all human rights bodies, including UN branch organisations and of the entire human rights Federation.

What concerns the worldwide human rights situations, so the campaign of YFHR now in another 12 crisis zones in action together with well-known human rights defenders of Moscow until after Argentina. With the already known “Youth for Human Rights” TV commercials on the screens of the Office of the High Commissioner for human rights in Geneva, at the great ceremony for human rights day, the Italian meeting in Milan, the world day of peace in Rome and Tokyo commuter Center in Shinjuku: human rights must become a reality for all of humanity. The big global station networks shine at the time the well-known human rights spots in television such as CCN international, CCN cable, BBC America, voice of America and dynasty TV – by New York to China. In over 93 countries in which the Foundation “Youth for Human Rights International” is active, it has partnered with 561 authorities and humanitarian organizations. The TV spots about human rights on more than 3,500 TV channels were broadcast worldwide. In this way Church, L. Ron Hubbard learn this year about 400 million people of the existence of human rights – free according to the motto of the founder of Scientology: “Human rights must be realized in fact, not only as an idealistic dream.” +++ press service of SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL.