How To Choose Jewelry

If you could give only one advice on the choice of jewelry, it could be stated as follows: before you go to a jewelry store, find out more about the 4C. For the uninitiated, explain: 4C – this rating system of diamonds – cut, clarity, carat and color – cut, clarity, carat and color number. From myself, we would like to add one more criterion – common sense. Choosing the perfect diamond (honestly, do not exist "Perfect" diamond, but some are still as close as possible to the ideal) – it's more a matter of subjective tastes and preferences than the objective characteristics of a diamond. Recently best bars in new york sought to clarify these questions. Some couples prefer to bring in money prey size, others like glitter perfect blue-white diamond, even a small size. Optimal – safe – option: to seek a stone with a harmonious combination of cut, clarity, color and the number of carats you can afford.

Here are some tips to help you find the diamond with optimum combination of money: Be sure to have a certificate of quality diamonds. Certificate of quality ensures that you get exactly what you pay for. When buying jewelry in a retail store, ask bring you selected diamond to a white material that would determine its color (or Take a piece of material out of the house – even a blank sheet of paper will come for that purpose!). Jewelers usually use black felt to show the stone well – the trick is that on a black background all Diamonds look white. According to the American Gemmological Society (The American Gem Society), cut a diamond can affect its price is only half. In considering the above well-cut diamond should radiate this light, uncharacteristic for any other stone. Most diamonds have flaws (the so-called "inclusion"), which were formed during the formation of rock millions of years ago. Some inclusions can not be considered naked eye, others immediately catch the eye.

The more inclusions, the worse the quality of the diamond, the less its radiance. However, do not immediately reject stones with flaws – the fewer the inclusions, the higher rising price of stone. Look for a compromise. The knowledge – force, and the better you understand the principles of classification of diamonds and the impact of this classification on their price, the better you can understand if you do not cheat, and whether favorite stone is specified price. And most importantly – remember that you will be selected decoration for a long time (hopefully), so the last word for you. Sometimes, the stone with a flaw (or even a deep crack), and you still like the ring, and you wear it, not removing!