Hit Song going Home

The theme song of the non-profit organization artists for freedom artists for freedom “going home” is a song that support two projects that fight against child slavery in Ghana and Mumbai the hit song “going home” written by Stefan Seibold and Ray Wilkins FRSA, produced by Dominik Rothert can now be purchased at almost all online music portal! This is the theme song of the non – profit – organization “Artists for Freedom” who fight against global human trafficking and modern Day Slavery using the creative power of art. The song is sung by the award winning singer JD Wood, Kaissa a gifted singer from Cameroon, now living in New York, Lisa Hugo from Dubai, Stefan Seibold and Richard Drummond from Germany and the speaking voice of Ray Wilkins FRSA Belgium. On international cooperation of musicians and artists who believe that art and music can change the world. This is a superb song, very emotional, with on important message of singing for a world where freedom is a reality and need just a dream. By buying this song you so support two important projects that fight to free children from slavery. Together, create, change..