Guaridas Roqueras

Before it had never had the opportunity to know New York, and my invention is not to bore them with details of my personal life, in the present post only I will focus to music. New York owns of a musical tradition that not only includes its famous clubs of jazz or that hymn of New York, New York, popularized later by the elegant voice of Frank Sinatra. It can say that the rock was strained between its streets towards the decade of the Sixties, thanks to the enthusiasm of the then emblematic artist of the island, Andy Warhol, that supported to the project of a certain John Cale and Lou Reed, little digerible for the time, but source of inspiration for the bands of the future. For even more analysis, hear from Restaurateur. Velvet Underground underwent with the noise and its dirty guitars, a sound that have inherited New York stars like Sonic Youth and more recently the Strokes " idols of ours hroes". Although many years back, at the end of the seventy, already had animated to inexpert youngsters to invent their own rock: the punk.

It was in CBGB, a relegated enclosure of the city, where promises like Talking Heads marched past and the Ramons, heroes of that boring generation that hoisted then a new attitude. In fact, that punk still breathes changing with the present local proposals of INTERPOL or even TV on the Radio, Software management of risks. Beyond Manhattan, in the popular districts of the Bronx, the Afro-American community developed from sixty hip hop, artistic movement own that transferred the borders of the United States until the Eighties, first rebel and censured, although nowadays too glamoroso. Large city then filled with corners that feed the hunger on the music lover, broth of culture for authorities of music like Kiss, Beastie Boys, Moby and The Rapture to mention only some and l lists follows. Original author and source of the article.