GTAW Welding

In this article, the function will be short and sweet, and the associated benefits of a Tig welding machine erlauert. The Tig welding process derives from the materials, tungsten inert gas welding is written out. TIG welding was first in 1936 under the name Argonarc-welding in the United States. In Europe could be this welding procedure until much later, namely in early 1950 dursetzten. “As the English word for tungsten tungsten” is, are the abbreviations used in foreign countries according to different, namely TIG (for tungsten inert-Gaswelding) or GTAW (for gas tungsten arc welding). The Tig welding machine used for this procedure are characterized above all by a number of advantages compared to other welding processes. The biggest advantage is certainly the possibility with help of TIG pulse welding and / or AC Tig welding as well as any material add to. Another benefit is the almost total Avoidance of weld spatter, and a comparatively low welding smoke, which increases safety in welding with the Tig welding process with lower health burden.

Last advantage still the decoupling should be called the current and the welding additional allowance which only the non-use of a consumable electrode is meant. These advantages make the TIG welder so for work in predicaments or the welding of root passes. As the heat input in the weld in this process is relatively low and small scale there is much smaller welding distortion in the workpiece. TIG welders are precisely for this reason the most for welding, where due to the high-quality welds possible to be achieved rather quality rather than speed in the focus of the work. As examples, where this could be beneficial should the power plant construction, pipeline and apparatus construction, as well as the area of chemical industry mention.

Establishing a Tig welding machine is always the same. The welding system consists of a power source, which can usually be switched on AC or DC and a welding torch is connected by a hose package with just that. The torch in turn consists usually of welding wire, protective gas supply, control line and depending on burner may have a coolant to flow and return. The further difference in building a Tig welding machine is the ignition of the arc type, namely the contact or high frequency ignition.