Fear Of Death

It's all over – is breathtaking. Begin to spontaneously shut his eyes and the brain was sitting just one thought: It's over. Arms, legs and whole body is weakened … Fear of death is for each person. I long ago overcame her, do not even remember when and how. Well, of course, three times to drown, fall from height, burn, get into car accidents, near-death experience, etc.

All of this should be a little dull the fear, but the events do not obscure the mind. But the believer nothing to fear because he believes in the justice of our God. And it distinguishes the true people of faith – belief in the goodness of God and the immortality of the soul. It is ephemeral and illusory life with the perspective of many people and they prefer to have what will fit in your hands. That is to be secured, to stand by the government, to receive pleasure from all the best life on earth. And it can be felt, but God, and faith – this is an illusion, not tangible, and far away. Therefore, flows of sinful desires and lusts billion people of the world population has long surpassed the level of the oceans. In the unbelievers fear of death begins to be tested is particularly acute where, after 50 years of life.

Who needs all this: power, money, property and cars. They would amount to a piece of land measuring 2 x 1 meter. Pessimistic? Oh them, these dark thoughts, then forward to the charms of life and entertainment. But God put a candle going and all! And after forty years of marriage, my grandfather sixty twentysomethings marry and leave their families. Love! Live a little more relish and enjoy leaving your life! Do people who believe it will really sad smile. But it's fate, which one he chooses. Fear of death is, and probably already out in some people after they clashed with her repeatedly. They are similar to Barabbas, they were unrighteous life, and nothing they do not confirms the presence of God. They are materialistic, skeptical, etc. If they have even gone a cancerous tumor or a hernia, but may be in a hopeless situation, lucky enough, they will still be saying: 'Miracles do not happen. It's all a matter of chance, the effect of medicine, etc. ' Fear of death – this is a test for humans. Stop and read carefully the above and look into yourself. Until the last breath is not too late, repent of their sins and be reconciled to God. Believe me, life on earth is so short. What awaits you there, for her feature …