European Union

At this point, it would be useful to take into account the symbolic significance that the first Summit between an Arab country and the European Union be held in Granada, whose conquest marked the end of Muslim Spain and precisely in the Palace of Carlos V domain monument located in the heart of the Alhambra and that once symbolized the triumph of Christianity over Islam 2. Is not less worthy of taking into account the fact that 20,000 Moroccans come legally to work regularly to Spain each year 3, where there are already established 746,000 living in our country and constitute the second largest, after the Romanian population, while the number of Spaniards living in Morocco is of 6.278. Now that our country is suffering an unprecedented economic crisis, authorities in Morocco have because of thinking that it is time to pour a new pulse to Spain. Hence, the statements of the Prime Minister, Abbas Farsi, constitute a gift poisoned our Government. Open a dialogue on this topic, would mean making sacred it and would eventually turn against Spain, since it would be the beginning of the recognition that there is really a contentious to Rabat. And that would mean dangerously approaching the abyss.

The economic and financial crisis that shakes Spain has the Government in serious difficulties, and request Moroccan rather than give oxygen to confront it, adds a new headache. Long-term, continuous pressure strategy has provided excellent results to the Sultanate. Lucky that, step by step, Ifni were annexed, the strip it Tarfaya and Western Sahara, with sovereignty over the waters or the loss that has entailed fisheries, phosphates, oilfield for Spain. While Abbas El Fassi called dialogue to Spain, in base that Spanish law requires the registration of foreigners, and beyond that, even to family reunification, in Ceuta and Melilla are processed daily a large number of registrations requested by Moroccan citizens who have managed to join in marriage with Spanish Muslims from these cities, becoming the same scenario where you practice the marriage of convenience.