Energy Conservation

In late November 2009, Russia adopted the Federal Law “On energy saving and energy efficiency.” this law calls for the Russians – from power producers and to its customers – savings electricity, heat, gas and water. A special place in the new law set aside housing. So, on the front of each apartment building will be a pointer to a class of its energy efficiency. In addition, all homes be equipped with meters for heat, electricity, gas and water. As a result, tenants will only pay for actual consumption of resources. Responsibilities for the repayment of expenses that appear in the “delivery” energoblag to users, will form on suppliers. An important step towards improving the energy efficiency of housing stock is to reduce heat loss. Their main “sources” tend to become facades, roofs, basements, doors, windows.

“Specialists are well know that in the homes of a third of all heat loss in winter occurs through the windows, “- says the engineer Boris Kataevsky. So that energy-efficient transformation should start with the replacement skylight structures. Until now, many homes are set, wooden box, eventually lost the insulating properties. An alternative to the old designs are modern plastic windows. They have a higher coefficient heat transfer and prevent the constant “leak” heat.

At the same time for different climatic zones there are products with specific characteristics, making the cost of heating can be optimized regardless of weather conditions. “In the spring of 2009 during the glazing 23 houses in Moscow were used window design, made of five-chamber profile Proplex-Premium, and quad Proplex-Comfort. These systems have a mounting depth of 70 millimeters and have a enhanced sound and thermal insulation properties (resistance to heat transfer rate – 0.84 and 0.79 m2 * C / W “- says Rafik Alekperov, head of department on work with clients of the Group companies propleks, the largest Russian manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. To increase energy efficiency in the window frames are used, and special types of glasses. For example, Low-E glass is coated in silver allows sunlight to penetrate into the apartment, but bars the “way” out radiant heat from heating devices. In addition, the windows filled with inert gases (argon, krypton, xenon), which to significantly increase resistance to heat. So, two years ago in Minsk was built prototype house, double glazing in the windows of which were filled with argon. As a result, thermal resistance was twice as higher than required by state standards. Modern plastic windows save energy and heat. Summer in many homes working air conditioners that consume large amounts of energy. Less likely to use them to help the window: For example, heat-and heat-absorbing glass – “chameleons” that darken with increasing brightness. For example, such a solution is embodied in the un building in New York. And in the near future, the window can be a source of energy. So, at the Shanghai Center for Science and Nanotechnology invented nanocoating that accumulate heat from the sun. With this know-how ordinary window glass can be transformed into a “solar battery”. Make the windows “” in 2008 proposed and the Korean Institute of Science and Technology.