The paper of the school front to the reproduction of a dominant culture, I instituted a symbolic domination, that it searchs to naturalize a culture standard, provoking ' ' esquecimento' ' of the social and cultural differences. This fact characterizes the symbolic violence that exists in the form as the relations between the escolarizado, based knowledge are established in the scientific knowledge, and the daily knowledge, associate to practical the daily ones, being seen as rotinizado and typical knowledge of the informal situations. As Bourdieu (1998, p.50): ' ' The cultural capital and the ethos, for if combining, concur to ahead define the pertaining to school behaviors and the attitudes of the school, that constitute the beginning of distinguishing elimination of the children of the different classrooms sociais' '. This fact leads to the failure pertaining to school of significant part of the pupils, who do not identify themselves with what he is taught in the schools. The code of its domain is restricted and it does not correspond to one success and performance standard, that according to Bourdieu (200, p.201), corresponds to habitus cultivated – ' ' systems of unconscious disposals that the product of the internalization of the structures constitutes objetivas' '.

The failure is faced as it lacks of prerequisite, however the characteristics that determine ' ' the abilities, the aptitudes and competncias' ' , they do not only depend on the capacity or the personal effort of the pupil, but of the access or not to the cultural capital, inside of the familiar life first. This same force that naturalizes the failure, is identified with the ideology of dom, promoting the success as resultant of the personal attribute, masking the social disposals of exclusion, that tend to create mechanisms of order and social iimmobilism. FINAL CONSIDERAES Are possible to conclude that the dicotmica relation established between daily knowing and knowing pertaining to school, must be relativized and be questioned, in order to be identified the intrinsic relations between these to know, that they are interdependent and they generate an integrated and complex cognitivo discovery process, that it exceeds to the categories that the school I instituted.