For example, in one of the topics in this collection reveal the ideas and technologies from the category of "Freebie and the saving of resources': 1. Scheme diskremblera (decoder) coded satellite channels. 2. Superinvention! Free Electricity for home lighting, power TVs and other appliances. No need to upgrade the meter, alter the wiring to connect to a neighbor. 3. Bezuchetnye outlet. Very simple and effective way.

4. Khalyavnykh use of electricity in the home. Pros method: To find virtually impossible, and even if they pop up, no liability will be removed from the subscriber's original seal and state calibration protocol checking the meter. Suitable for three-phase network. 5. Khalyavnykh use of electricity in the home.

Method 2. Pros method: Similar to the previous method. 6. To counter the water did not count: 7. Use of electricity without accounting. The basis of this method is that you can use without electricity, with incorrect connection counter. 8. Free electricity. Remote stop the counter. 9. Rollback water meter. The problem this way – to make any vane or disc adder rotate in the opposite direction. 10. Meter readings unwinding the transformer. 11. Bezuchetnoe and unlimited use of electricity. As many as three ways. 12. Bezuchetnoe use of electricity with a magnet. Pros method: no changes accounting schemes. 13. Water meter readings understatement of any type. Pros of this method is: absolutely nothing from the outside can not see practically no provable. 14. How to get on the subway for free, crack the secrets of magnetic cards, and other tips, such as with an ordinary newspaper to pass so that the machine you had not noticed. 15. How to make free pay phone call (kart. and badge.) – collection of ideas. 16. For free long distance calls – a collection of ideas. 17. Free electricity. Remote stop the counter. 18. Ways to avoid paying for long distance calls. 19. Several ways to not pay for postage. 20. Energy-saving lamps. A unique design that consumes power is 5 times less, and life is 12 times more than conventional incandescent bulbs. And much, much more. Total 1365 secrets, ideas, techniques and technologies.