Centre Fashion

The airy atelier of make up Art Academy is located near the Centre in the beautiful fashion and media city of Dusseldorf. The size of the Studio and the variety of light offer a special atmosphere, optimal conditions for creative work. The Atelier is easy by train or bus to reach u.a right in front of our premises, by stops. If you have questions our team help at any time. References: L Oreal, Shiseido, CLE de peau Beaute, Wella, GOLDWELL, Nivea, la prairie, Pashmina, Paul Mitchel Hairstyle, Panthene haircare, Paolo Frani Milan, Joop!, Escada, diesel, boss, Levis, ESPRIT, Luisa Cerano fashion, Iris von Arnim, Sulu, Nordheim, Anja Gockel London, Orwell, Joseph Janard, Paco Rabanne, Gian Franco Ferre, Thomas Cook, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank, Hertie, Karstadt, Arcandor, Persil, ADAC, ZDF, MTV, Marlies Moller Hairdesign, Mitsubishi Electric, Nike, adidas, Opel, Lufthansa, Neckermann, Otto, Opel, Siemens, Bosch, Diadermine, Dove, Kaufhof, BMW, American Express, C & A, Breuninger, Deutsche Post, Mc Donalds, Agfa, Wormland, heine, AOK, personnel affairs, Karstadt, Nikon, Vichy, twin, Kaufhof, source, Emperor, Londa, boss, Peter Hahn, Gerolsteiner, Rosbacher,. Tchibo, Kodak, Porsche, Mercedes, Elle, Brigitte, Marie Claire, girlfriend, journal for the woman, Laura, Jolie, mens health Italy, doin fine, glamour, Vogue, Madame GER, new fashion fit for fun, style magazine, international, myself, Warner Brothers, Deutsche Bahn, Baur, C & A, Gai Mattiolo Profumi celebrities: Till Schweiger, Dirk Nowitzki, Birgit Schrowange, Charlotte Edwards, Nadja Tiller, Sabrina Setlur, Frauke Ludowig, Gunther Jauch, Boris Becker, Gloria of Thurn and taxis, Alexandra Neldel, Moses Pellen ham, Zucchero, Illmatic, Claudine Wilde, Leon Boden, Touche, Bushido, ENIE van de Maiglockjes, Anastasia, LILO wanders, soccer world champions, handball World Champion 2007 Michael Kraus, F.C.

Cologne Baykal, Bushido, Dieter Bohlen, Anastasia, Elton John, Stefan Raab, Monrose, Bastian Schweinsteiger, American Idol, Germany BBs next Topmodel, joy magazine, Gala… David Lee BBs work is very recognized in the national and international market. Through the participation at the fashion shows in New York and Paris are its make up BBs and hairstyles always new and up to date. He works successfully for well-known magazines and brands, such as Elle, Vogue, fashion labels such as Escada, managed artists such as Til Schweiger, Kylie Minogue, Henry Maske or Anastasia. Due to multiple requests u.a offered appointments at 1-2 in the year make up training and Hairstylingseminare at the highest level through his work as an artist for L L’Oreal Paris and its media presence, and promotes young talents who can establish themselves with real opportunities on the market. makeupart-academy.de