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Romer studied comparative literature at Copenhagen. (By the way, where are such as current qualifications in other countries in Spain?). He has worked in advertising and film as a screenwriter and actor. He has also written several essays on collective behavior. Set in a Danish village, the novel introduces us to a little-known aspect of the relations between Central European countries: the marginalization suffered by the Germans after the second world war. Narrative binds the stories relating to the members of a Danish family with German descent from the mother, keeping as a catalyst, making homogeneous throughout the story, the boy who narrates in the first person and in past.

The novel covers an extensive period: from World War II until the early 1970s. During the reading Gets a curious sensation: despite Intuit that the child protagonist narrates from adulthood, a child, innocent tone is perceived. Without abandoning the melancholy and sadness experienced by the small Knud (the Narrator), can be very clever and sympathetic passages to savour. I will highlight two: on one side the small Knud birthday. Mixture of sadness, shame and tenderness, all suggesting a hint of resentment, only a bit, which is the amount that fits in the memory of a child. On the other hand, the arrival of her grandmother for Christmas.

To the comfort of the chimney, the peculiar experience of the midnight mass, blatant contempt for the neighbors and readings on this always breathes the illusion, the fears and the Candida own childhood hopes. The novel ends with a clear statement of hatred and scorn the Narrator feels for those who made his childhood and adolescence a life full of fears, insecurities and humiliations. The disgust and hatred, I repeat, that feels for all them finds its narrative climax in the natural, and why not less depravante, deterioration of their parents; especially from his mother, cruelly championed stronghold of the Germanic origin of the family in a social environment adverse. As already noted, the novel has a common thread: the small Knud. But we could take the family histories of individually and they would have consistency alone. Safe Creative #0912035058096 original author and source of the article

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