Carmarthenshire Wales

Three new trails the culinary experiences in the County of Carmarthenshire beat a pleasure are higher let gourmet heart for palate and soul as well as a surprise package starting with bread from seaweed and oatmeal, about shells from the coast up to Y Polyn, hides the best restaurant in Wales in the village of Capel Dewi. Three newly opened so-called food trails help visitors discover the gastronomic treasures of the region. The trails are divided into West, North and East and through the appetitanregendsten farms in Carmarthenshire. Offers ranging from farm shops, cake bakeries, delis and pubs, restaurants, tea shops and bars. In addition Fischer as the bearded big Bill in Llansteffan invite to experience regional Welsh traditions.

On weekends, he prepared his catch, and served him in his living room. The three trails offer delicacies off the big supermarkets and back the authentic taste of the region in the Center. Local producers in Carmarthenshire, meat, cheese and bakery goods make for decades. When Albert Rees, son Chris selcht still the famous ham of Carmarthen according to a recipe that will be passed on for generations. Legend has it that it was stolen and then sold as Parma ham during the Roman invasion. Not far away, the ETTA Richardson bakery located in the Carmarthen indoor market. Her fruit cake has so impressed Prince Charles, that he promptly ordered eight pieces for Christmas and served him even at the wedding reception for Camilla.

The recipe for the ETTA Royal cake is still secret. Also Scott Davis is part of the new guard of food pioneers. After years of working in the top restaurants in London and New York, he returned to his roots and cnwd (pronounced like Knut) – opened a Smokehouse that serves wild fish and award-winning pies. Recently the Wright’s joined food emporium, an independent grocery store and Cafe, the organic beef and organic lamb from the Hazelwell Sold farm in Whitland, and homemade bread.