Capital Goods Industry

College is looking for more survey participants from industrial goods company service study. The service is seen by most industrial goods companies increasingly as a strategic success factor. It is unclear, however, whether and how companies market their services. Against this background, the Institute for corporate governance at the University of Mannheim in the coming months with the consulting firm Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld, created a study on the marketing of services in the industrial goods industry. It is the aim of the study is Prof. Dr.

Matthias Klimmer, Director of the Institute for corporate governance, including answers to the following questions: what strategic importance of industrial enterprises currently marketing services and what reasons they have for this? Exist in the companies for this specific concepts? How fashion industrial company in the marketing mix? And: where do you see challenges in marketing services? For the study, the is supported also by the ZfU international business school (Thalwil, Switzerland), search the Institute for corporate governance and Peter Schreiber & partner still Board members and Managing Director, marketing and sales manager as well as service and customer service manager, who fill out the questionnaire, which the study underlying. Interested parties can request the questionnaire at the following E-mail addresses: and. It can be filled out online survey at. “All participants receive after the questionnaires are evaluated, free sent the detailed study results and thus according to marketing consultant Peter Schreiber one benchmark to the own service strategy”.