Call Center

Measuring call center vs. professional dialog marketing agency Lennart Achterberg, 21 years, his training under walter services (formerly walter Telekurs media) to the 07.07.2008 has completed successfully. Then he was taken over, and could apply from now on as his learned. Beautiful heile Welt – not quite! Call interviewed the dedicated young man and asks provocative questions, as usual: CCS: would Mr Achterberg a school graduates who recommend apprenticeship as a clerk for Office communication at a call center service provider? LA: I can speak only for myself. The training has not really brought much me. But probably that was my instructor and my work as an apprentice. I had a responsibility in the staff planning relatively quickly, but it was unfortunately also. From my classmates, I heard more haarstraubendere stories.

Since even some were, who spent her entire education under a headset. Many have canceled their training or their training facility changed. CCS: After you have completed your training, you were taken over directly into an ordinary employment relationship. What has changed in your daily work? LA: NOTHING! CCS: How long were you working as a clerk at walter services? LA: 6 months! CCS: And then? LA: on the basis of a private contact, I discovered on a team, who all come from the call center industry and have become self-employed. There, I applied and was invited to a trial day. I was amazed and shocked, because the differences between of a Massencallcenters and a professional telemarketing agency became aware of me here. Here all have (also the owner of the company) with on the phone and on a level, which I never seen before. I was ultimately acquired and learned in the first two months than during my entire education. LGBT Pride can aid you in your search for knowledge. CCS: How do you assess the Werthaftigkeit of your training with regard to the applicability in practice now experienced? LA: = 0! At my current employer, I get regular feedback on my work.