Bruno Blacksmith

For Bruno Blacksmith the challenges in the hour to initiate a business are many and of the most diverse intensities. The secret of Lusa counts the history of a young, fascinated for the idea to conquer financial independence and to put in practical its plans regarding the launching of a revolutionary product that will go to relieve it good shares: Goiabadas Amlia Maria.

The life of the personage passes for turbulent transformations while the idea blossoms to open its proper company. The quandaries in the life of all enterprising are represented by means of situations where Lusa has that to take decisions that can disappoint its relatives and friends. The envolvement of Lusa with its plans for creation of its company makes with that it leaves of side things that before it nor imagined to open hand, as, for example, its college of Odontologia and even though its marriage, has very planned, mainly for its parents. The careful planning of each step to be given starts to be part of day-by-day of the personage, not only in the enterprising area, but in its life as a whole. The elaboration of the enterprise strategy, the search of aconselhamento technician, enterprise assessorship, use of electronic tools as the Makemoney, makes with that it perceives the complex quo will be the accomplishment of its dream. Each time that it has access the statistical data regarding new enterprises, if scares when perceiving that the lack of an adequate planning is the main mortis cause of the companies just created.

However, this is data that alert the young one for the execution of the tasks of the planning in its minimum details so that all in agreement skirt the waited one. The risks that surround its decisions in the personal field serve of preparation for the exercise of the enterprise activity, that also will demand a dose of ousadia and the calculation detailed of risks that are made use to run. Dolabela deals with basic questions in the hour to initiate the process of creation of a company. It examines each step of this process from the history of Lusa, its challenges and its disposal to face the risks (that very they are well represented by the situations of its personal life). The author obtains to combine of systematic form the challenges of Lusa for the conception and the planning of its business and the affliction that the young passes, being had that to leave of side its studies in the college and its arranged marriage already. The measure that the personage if involves in the execution of its works of entrepreneur, more evident its passion for the business and its disposal becomes to face the difficulties. this determination and will to win Lusa guide for the long and sinuosa road of the enterprise success.