Antiinflammatory Drugs

The skin Center of Wiesbaden informs its customers of Dr. Broichmann, a dermatologist from Wiesbaden, succeeded in a scientific study using the laser-Doppler flow measurement and reflection spectroscopy to demonstrate the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs in living tissue. In Germany alone, millions of people allergic to anti-inflammatories are instructed. Equal to what drugs they exactly are, they have to prove their efficacy and harmlessness in the human body, to qualify for a licence in question. In the development and evaluation of drugs focuses therefore on measurement techniques, which assets the preparation effectiveness under as realistic conditions, in particular inside the living human body, to prove.

Dermatologist Dr. Broichmann from Wiesbaden hired in this context for the efficacy of anti-inflammatory drugs by means of laser-Doppler flow measurement, as well as reflection spectroscopy. Starting from the hypothesis that. that which allows emerging, increase of the blood flow analysis of drug effects on blood vessels in succession a short-term interruption of the natural blood flow, he examined a clinical trials group of ten people. Measurements using laser-Doppler flow measurement, as well as reflection spectroscopy before and after administration and absorption of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, Cortisone creams and antihistamines were scientifically significant.

It follows that the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs without invasive procedures directly in the human body is detectable. Dr. Broichmanns study thus provided a meaningful approach to the realistic effectiveness assessment of drugs. The experienced dermatologist from Wiesbaden in the, this article provides further information attached, study. Skin Center Wiesbaden press information contact: Dr. med. Peter Broichmann Kirchgasse 42-44 65183 Wiesbaden phone: (0611) 305110 website: