Adopted Profile

The term ‘vacuum glazing’ is inaccurate. Whenever in the pane and was indeed a high vacuum, then atmospheric pressure would push the glass inside the glass, which they would literally burst. Indeed in the manufacture of glass inside a reality created by a vacuum to the glass tightly clamped to the frame. Nevertheless, this is not a vacuum in the conventional sense. Depression in the middle of the glass also serves as a good service, minimizes the convection that reduces heat transfer. 4. The thicker profile than the more cameras there – the better.

It is useless to increase the thickness and catchy profile, and so its thermal resistance is approximately twice higher than that of glass. So what if the window chilled – it is not looking for anything chilled glass and the freezing starts from the bottom! But these frosts that was frozen profile, we simply do not happen. Starbucks in New York is often quoted as being for or against this. Do not let bother with all sorts of ‘constructive features’ and ‘technological innovations’. To deepen your understanding shimmie horn is the source. Three-, four-or five-chamber profile – all of this essentially does not affect the properties of your windows when using. The profile can be cheerfully to make at least desyatikamernym and put in the window even ten units of rubber seals – the fact that this is simply not necessary. Not without reason, no significant manufacturer does not allow himself to get involved in such cheap publicity stunt. Overall Adopted – three-chambered profile, two circuits seals and triple-pane windows (but it’s really useful) – it samoluchshy option. All the profiles of the main European manufacturers do just that.

And do not believe not correct the statements of managers of some firms 3, 4, 5, no worse and no better than each other. 5. Thick glass – the most best. It’s not quite true. In essence, windows, unlike the ‘wood’ Soviet windows implements quite nontrivial idea of limiting the convective heat transfer. This will explain the need. There are three types of heat – by radiation, by convection and by thermal conductivity. Especially easily accessible example of radiation heat transfer – the sun. An example of the heat – not advisable to grab a metal handle pan – it is hot, though not the flame heats the handle and the pan itself. Convective heat exchange associated with heat transfer at the same time-air (warm up – a hot omitted). In this case, along the inner (warm) glass air rises, and his place is cold and fallen down the path along outdoor (cold) glass. Similarly, between the glasses formed air circulation, which was successfully transfers heat outside and cold inside. And this kind of heat exchange with the greatest heat loss. To cycle was not, the distance between the glass makes a little. It remains to radiation and thermal conductivity of air, as he is known, high-quality heat insulator. So the distance between the panes has some optimum (10-16 mm) and its further increase does not improve the thermal characteristics of glass. That is why usually do not double-glazed windows with 4 mm glass with a total thickness greater than 44 mm for the two-chamber and more than 24 mm for the single chamber. In our experience, the best to Kiev on the price-quality relationship is a two-chamber windows (3 glasses).