10 Ways To Attract Prosperity

1 CLARIFIES WHAT YOU WANT. Often immersed in life everyday we focus more on what they don’t want and we forgot to ask us what they really want? 2 LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION. Uses intuition as a delicate sensor which guides you towards what is good pair it. It can appear from a feeling, an emotion, an internal voice. You can get close to a new job, contacts, a book that you open you eyes, etc. 3. USE TO DAILY POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. He writes and repeats daily affirmations to pick up your goals and your potenciantes beliefs about yourself and your ability to achieve them.

4 VISUALIZE YOUR GOAL. Close your eyes, creates an image with all luxury of details about what you want to achieve, includes colors, sounds, smells and sensations. Recreate you it often with the firm conviction that get it. 5 THANKS. Take a few minutes each day to thank (God or the universe) you already have.

6 GET IN ACTION. When you know what you want, it acts, acts and acts. Although be afraid, even if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Every small step count. 7. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR THOUGHTS. Listen to that little voice inside, the way in what you talk, what and how you say it. If you realize that you are very often your main obstacle, can change those beliefs and that language by another more productive for you 8.-accepts that the life has good days and bad days. Although everything do it well, life is not always shown stable. In the same way that nature has its cycles and seasons, also happens in life. There are moments for the action, others to study, others to find creative solutions, others to contact others, others to get into your inner self and meditate or dream. Each of this moments we see it as a gift. 9 LET GO OF WHAT YOU MINE YOUR ENERGY. Identifies the small or big things, people and situations that daily leave you without force, without encouragement to do what you really want. Accept them, removes your resistance to them and starting at then let them go. 10 DISCOVER YOUR PASSION. There is nothing better in life that being happy doing what you love and are passionate about and also earn money and prosperity with it. Pay attention to what you enjoy, what excites you.