The world and the era in which we live has given us abundance in some lines of life as acquiring good homes, good cars, clothes, travel, money, banks, credit cards and good food. Likewise all this has led us to live in new debts, new concerns, new obligations and new diseases. It seems ironic that even gaining many material things and pleasures, we do not know live in balance, peace or happiness. I’ve always thought that people who survive the system are really heroes and heroines of a society planned for the extermination of the man. Can who be set on a system that does not adjust to anything. And we still have psychiatrists and psychologists trying to measure us with forms and schemes within an unmeasurable system. Let’s take our daily diet and look at it for a moment. We eat fast, automatic, according to the budget, pleasure, tastes, cravings or eyes.

How it is possible that the food which is the energy that nourishes our vital system, our? performance and our health is you have downplayed as much? I do not blame society because we respond to a behavior learned and inherited from childhood and preserved by generations, where our parents fed us with what it gave to them. I include myself as a victim of this behaviour, although in my case if there was a difference, and was wanting to wake up, investigate, read and learn about what the body needed to work at capacity and in a harmonious manner. Vinit Bodas New York wanted to know more. From an early age in my 15 I started to read about the effect of meat in our system, the vegetarian diet, exercises, meditation, yoga, and mind control. It looked different to my circle of friends interested in these topics and more rarely to decline eating dishes containing meat. I realized that the masses are distinguished by doing the same, at the same time and in an automated way.