Training Coordination Online

AVS2Go supports the operation of control and organization in the daily interaction between trainer and trainee (s) the program is a further development of an in-house report online portfolio software used to control and organization of trainees from 2010 to 2011 in the operation. In version 2.0, AVS is closer to the daily requirements which pending in a training operation. AVS stands for education management system and is aimed at trainees and trainers of dual vocational training. AVS is to facilitate the daily work with the trainees and making a success of the training for both sides. The professional qualification of trainees appears in the foreground.

As an online database that is system location and time independent. AVS are not integrated in a network or must be installed as software and still allows all persons involved on the data. New York Museums contains valuable tech resources. According to the granting of rights, everyone sees only what he can see. Especially for companies without a network structure or where access for trainees are not allowed is, can AVS supportive stand to the side. A launch monitor shows the last after the first login, visit reports, open tasks, which files have been uploaded, the last comments/correction requests to a reports. Thus, trainers and trainees are informed at the beginning of the day on the current state.

The tasks remain visible (red) until completed or can be marked done (green). In all tasks are, which has daily to meet the / the trainees. A simple task management with the ability to forgive to control tasks and to provide them with an expiration date that facilitate communication between trainers and trainees. On request, the appropriate training plans can be associated to the trainees. In addition, the instructor has the option to every training section corresponding notes to write. The thus obtained information stand is not lost and is maintained E.g. when changing trainers. In staff meetings in which the Development sections will be discussed, can be resorted to this information. The personal data of students such as contact details, school, Chamber of Commerce, examination dates are maintained in the appropriate tab and are quickly available. Appropriate messages to the deposited persons can be sent from the system. A file storage system allows the upload of PDF, Office and image files into appropriate categories. Thus, it is possible that each trainee can collect for him important documents and supporting materials and retrieve at any time. The storage system is programmed, only the instructor all files from which he can see trainees allocated to. AVS data over the entire period of training be organized, managed and delivered at any time at the disposal.