Thomas Hausler

Since 2007, now is the quality of work at hearing Hausler optimized and allows a high standard. Highlight of the past year was also the opening of the local child listening Centre OWL of a master operation with a focus on child listening acoustics in addition to the redesign of Salzkottener premises. Specially trained professionals in cooperation with an established network of experts from speech therapists, Phoniatern, hearing impaired teachers and other specialists working in the child listening Center OWL. It offered a holistic care and support for deaf children and young people and their parents. The extensive website offers many valuable tips and information. Perhaps check out New York Museums for more information. Expertise and know-how, experience and trust from the very beginning the company possessed a special laboratory for the production of earmolds and customised ear protection. For years has proven itself a proprietary House call service that particularly sick and Home Services Limited listening acoustic customers in their mobility.

Haley is also hearing instruments via the Internet at daily for 24 hours accessible. Day after day we are committed fully to meet the requirements of our customers as well as our own high service standards”, so again Thomas Hausler. The adaptation of modern hearing aids required today more than ever artisanal know-how and expertise; and a friendly and trusting approach with every client is equally important.” Healthy growth through training and qualification is no wonder that the excellent training of its own staff as well as their continuous qualification at hearing Hausler enjoy a special significance. In the past ten years, 16 trainees here have made their teaching; There are currently seven trainees at the halfpenny”deals. After completing her teaching offers a variety Perspectives. The company usually takes over his fellows. It supports a possible later master course, for specialized training to the audiologist or audio therapists, and it transfers the management of own branch – healthy growth from its own ranks as a principle of hearing Hausler, young masters of much makes possible.