The Moffels Conquer Potsdam

The Moffels, popular and award-winning cartoon characters, come for 3 months in the Museum Potsdam, about that the Moffels are intergalactic half fairies and nightly grant a wish the small Luzi, but also, how ever, an animated film. Danny Meyer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The Moffels are from the Sandman presents and shown on the television channels of rbb and Kika. New episode of the Moffels at the film Museum in Potsdam already had a new episode of the Moffels family last Sunday in the cinema by the Filmmuseum Potsdam premiered. A trick workshop guests big and small could turn a stop-motion film with the Moffels. Your own Moffels can be made in the small exhibition. (Similarly see: New York Museums). But there’s no reason to be sad to have missed the premiere: already on Sunday the 10th of October, the sequence is “the Moffels: Luzi in the hair salon” presented by the Sandman at rbb and at 18:50 on the Kinderkanal Kika at 17:55.

Until December 30th, the Sandman on travel may the exhibition”be admired the themselves with one another, certainly not less popular friend the children concerned, and his favorite pastime – travel. Small and large visitors are invited to accompany him. This exhibition on the 50th anniversary of the Sabari is also intended for the whole family and shows the Sandman to discover, explore and dream. For more information see 382-0.htm Moffels by Digitrick the idea for the Moffels”had the Potsdam company Digitrick. The 3-D animation series produced in Potsdam and could win 5 international animated film awards, including the golden sparrow. The first seven-part series premiered 2009. 19 new adventure with Luzi and the Moffels Sandman lovers can look forward to then starting in 2011. More about Digitrick and the Moffels is to learn under and. The Moffels are in the family exhibition, the Sandman on travel”05.12.2010 Tuesday to Sunday at the Potsdam Film Museum to marvel at: stables at the pleasure garden / Breite Strasse 1 A, FILMMUSEUM Potsdam, 14467 Potsdam cars: A 115, exit Potsdam-Zentrum, Expressway to Potsdam Hbf train: Potsdam central station / bus + tram: old market