The Lack

And to end, their bonds are stoked of an affective coldness that is pronounced, right in the motto: My needs are more important that yours, you like, or no! Its affective incapacity is denoted in the lack of empathy against the other, but mainly, for which they establish a proximity relation, for them, it only exists the critic, the scorn and the indifference. They count on a series of maneuvers and manipulations, evidently, unconscious with so obtaining what they need: admiration and social respect. Untiring finders of social status, by means of that step are only considered important. Generally they look for pairs full of life, of social rubbing, that can give a platform them in which they can excel, but only they, and nobody more. Yes we would put a term that could establish a parallel and a metaphor, the narcisistas conducts are possible to be compared to those of " predators emocionales".

That is to say, they consume the energy and the emotions of their pairs, for later, once, have expressed that them in all the aspects leave, it, because no longer they can offer nothing to him, than they require. In conditions thus, a pair, cannot respond, since it is confused, destitute and devastated the emotional predator, it always shows a conduct of indifference against the catastrophe of his pair, alters it to nothing, nothing it affects, the important thing is to put out of danger he and nothing else That is to say, live emotionally speaking at the expense of others, that apparently, count on the abilities and capacities which they lack, one of them is, the joy to live. When becoming emotional predators, until they do not take of its pairs the last drop of its joy and its love to the life, it would seem that they do not feel to pleasure. They envy everything what the other enjoy, they enjoy and they construct.