The Fastest Internet Portal For Clubs Comes From Hamburg

With its network platform for clubs, show the two Hamburg of Startupper Max Fischer and Axel Kmonitzek, that perfect Club organization also comes from the river Elbe in early November 2007 the launch party of the Hamburg Internet startups was in the hills pub Frank BBs cone corner celebrated. For more clarity and thought, follow up with James and gain more knowledge.. After five months, more than 2,800 clubs on the Internet page of the two Hamburg-based Max Fischer and Axel Kmonitzek organize themselves. The Web project underlines once more the position of Hamburg as a successful German incubator. The city of Hamburg has a very high density of creative and innovative companies. There are numerous ways to interact virtually or real with founders and young entrepreneurs in the region. Learn more on the subject from Shimmie Horn.

This Exchange is important and helpful to position himself with his own ideas in the market. Hamburg is not only our hometown and headquarters, but also the city that has adopted our idea from the outset. Through the close partnership with the Hamburger Sportbund Hamburg lies quite in terms of Club density on our page front. In the future we will surprise the Hamburger with many actions around the club life”, according to Max Fischer, Managing Director of the Hamburg-based Internet startup. is a networking platform for clubs of any kind. Both registered clubs and associations, clubs or interest groups can register it. offers new possibilities in the fields of communication, information, and organization.