The Door

Meanwhile, by all means, you are watching the slip of paper with his number of printed consultation, which watches and remira between its hands, elevates his seen the sky and waits for and waits for and hopes. As I say, this less seems a satire of evil taste, directed to a group of civil servants who realise an commendable work, in anything than in ” The Door of Entrada” to the services of a modern being, that shines proud imposing ” Tower of the Comunicaciones” what if it were an efficiency icon, symbol of a patrimony that assumes belongs us to all the Uruguayan. But, a thing knows, reading friend, which I am declaring in this article, it is lamentably a crude reality, it is what it happens daily, of Monday through Friday, except the holiday days, by all means, and the famous days of feminine disinclination, that added to stress force, them to take a rest and not to attend to work. The services of attention to the users, who are realised jointly, as much for ANTEL as for ANCEL, are truly, a putting in scene of everything what it does not have to become, the citizen is dealt here with the greater indifference, unless he is amigo/a of some of the ones in charge of the attention, in that case, when the lights of the firmament indicate that they can happen to their writing-desks, and sit down before, then you to him you will be able to be entertained, while it continues hoping, listening to their commentaries on one varied range of particular subjects, whom nothing they will have to do, of course, with the central reason for their visit. It is evident that still vices of old practices exist, still at this time, at which tightening a key, in a matter of seconds, we connected with more the section corner of planet, we were with people who think that they have been born to be the navel of the universe, that other only is for giving an suitable frame to their own extravagances. It is possible that when finding out the spilled opinions by that east article subscribes, the ladies at issue, demand to me by insults, of being thus, I will elevate a who corresponds the excuses of the case, does not animate the will absolutely to me to offend, simply story which happens around I put and it to consideration of those fellow citizens, to those who the necessity, has forced to them to happen through the same situation which today I describe. In last instance, I have left the same resource that used once, Galileo Galilei, who before the pressures of the Inquisicin, could not affirm the copernicana theory of the Earth movement, nevertheless, in private, smoothly expressed ” still mueve” Hugo W.