Sant Joan Desp

In addition, it reclaimed the name of Barcelona B for the branch. It has been able to paralyze the re-qualification of lands of the Miniestadi and has fulfilled with its idea to reclaim patrimony, since the club has paid 4 million Euro to reclaim a parcel of 18.000m2, located within the sport city of Sant Joan Desp, sold by Joan Laporta in January of 2010 to the society MCM Renting. A Bara less ' poltico' One of the aspects that have distinguished to him more of the exdirectiva has been to move away to Barcelona, like club, of the political scope in which it was surrounded day yes, day also when Laporta was president. Laporta, that after leaving the Bara put completely in the policy, carried out numerous controversies by its independentistas ideas. Rosell has been known to unmark, moving away, in addition, to the club of that spiral in which it fell continuously of the hand of the ex-president. Like peros, two meteduras of leg. One, when its bet made public win to Real Madrid by 5-0 in the end of Glass " not to lose costumbre" , since he ignited the wick of the dialectic war with the eternal rival in whom the players and the liking took the relief. And second, during world-wide past showed that its desire was that the Glass of the World gained Brazil, which brought about hard critics towards the words of Rosell. Now already it can be conceited of the title that longs for the presidents more: ' orejuda' of Wembley it will go to the display cabinets of the Camp Nou. Source of the news: Of Laporta to Rosell, the president in the shade of equipazo