Parks And Conservation

Natural wealth of the So Paulo Units of Conservation are displayed in echo photographs the State of So Paulo are repleto of natural wealth. It is enough to have sensitivity in the look. It is this that the photographer Malouh express Gualberto in its exposition ' ' Tracks of the Olhar' ' , that it launches the second stage in the next thursday, 30/04, from the 7:00, in the State Park of the Jaragu. (high marquee) the sample counts on 30 photographs of 45×35 cm, made use in 10 panels, of 200×100 cm, that portray the beauties and the society natural that lives around of the Units of Conservation of Atlantic Bush of the State. guardianship: Odilon Cavalcanti to register the conserved nature, Malouh counted on the support of the Program Tracks of So Paulo. The echo photographs gifts in the exposition shows a little of what the ecoturistas can glimpse when participating of the program of ecoturismo of the State Secretariat of the Environment. ' ' Tracks of the Olhar' ' it is until the day 17 May in the Park of the Jaragu. More than 50,000 people already capsize exposition. Text Journalist Evelyn Araripe (making of) (visiting vision of one cineasta) Malouh Gualbertotel.: 11 44854061cel.: 11 97071362mail: malouhg@ ecolambelambe@ skype: ecolambelambeInformaoes: Site: ' ' Before printing, it thinks about its responsibility and commitment with the Environment ' '.