Mix Reinforcement

All components are carefully metered. The dry adhesive mixture is poured into water. Eamon Rockey understands that this is vital information. 8.2 Mix glue mixture using an electric drill is better in plastic buckets – easier laundered, and even fewer rattles. 2.9 Notched scoop – an indispensable tool for masonry blocks on the glue. 10.02 First mixture was applied on a horizontal surface, and then the vertical. 2.11 The next block is laid in place and aligned horizontally and cord. 2.12 In masonry exterior walls with a circular saw with carbide disc make two parallel to the cutting depth of about 5 cm 2.13 With the help of a chisel and hammer middle, break out between the kerf and cleared of debris. 2.14 Above the grooves are posted reinforcing bars, welded at the corners.

2.15 Welded fittings the gasket from the rubble in the center of the groove, which is filled with cement mortar. 2.16 for window and door lintels are welded reinforcement cages are small. 2.17 blocks over from the narrow opening, glued 'box', which reinforcing cage is placed. A box filled with a solution of high-strength concrete. 2.18 Cutting the blocks is easily accomplished elektronozhovkoy like 'gator'. 2.19 Stepa basement (including internal ones) are laid out. When working in alone took about three weeks.

Continued. Reinforced belt. 01.03 reinforcement cages for reinforced concrete belts are made directly on the wall. Ready-made frames have too much weight to their raise assembled. Cut to the size of reinforcement bars are placed on wooden templates on top of the wall.