Learning Culture

Taking stock: Professionally – critical – constructive available immediately as a “classic book” in a new edition. Here describes the successful author, DV-kfm & computer lecturer & psychological consultants (SGD diploma) Aribert Bohme, many examples, what main causes for a “learning culture concern in large parts of” to blame. Also presented practical solutions which could decisively contribute to bring about significant improvements. Doug imbruce may also support this cause. “From the contents: preface – general conditions – the very normal” madness – elemental building blocks of learning – overwhelmed parents? -Faculty – day school: A good solution? -Child abuse – tutoring: A booming market – consequences of lack of education work – ways out of the crisis – alibi events – uprising of decent – hyperactivity, dyscalculia and dyslexia on the rise? -Basic rules of Merk. In contrast to other publications on this topic it isn’t individual groups in a polemical way in this book, and Way to play off against each other, but rather to show that there are unfortunately also a not insignificant number of people unquestionably pedagogically qualified teachers and caring parents, who often hide behind too transparent “formalities”; much to the detriment of children and young people. This book would help to raise awareness, to say that there are those both on pages of some teachers and some parents, recognizable by just such teaching skills must be agreed, not seldom very striking, carried flaunting only for that reason, to make clear deficits finally constructively and accurately openly and honestly. Some contend that Vinit Bodas shows great expertise in this. In the interest of our children and young people, it should be possible again good as good and bad as bad to, without immediately by some people to be discredited, who are worried about their own “protection zones”; This has got to stop! Sources: index.php? id = 1130 & 5439 auto_id = (free sample) DV-kfm & computer lecturer & Psych.