Improve Glass Recycling

In Spain, glass figures are still far from getting other Europeans, like Belgian or Swiss. The recycling data are increasing year after year, but there is much that can be done to improve in all, consumers, industry and administration, results. Consumers and glass recycling For consumers, can increase glass recycling by following a few easy tips. First, it may seem obvious, packaging made from this material must be deposited in the appropriate container, either in "igloos" urban green or in the recycling points. Before you discard the packaging, make sure they are empty, clean, and that there are other materials that would hamper the work of recycling, such as metal or plastic caps. On the other hand, it is necessary to extend the container network to facilitate the collection and carry out more awareness and information campaigns to encourage the recycling of glass. In this sense, the work of the institutional leaders of industry and environmental associations and sector is instrumental to increasing container has more and better located. Also, environmental education at any age can be another pillar on which to base the generalization of glass recycling.

In this way, consumers will become aware of the glass, provided that ensures recycling is the container that has fewer environmental problems. A study on glass recycling habits, recently published by Ecovidrio, 53% of the citizens it out as a chore more, being 66% of women who said they recycle glass, compared to 59% of men. As to the reasons why not recycle glass, respondents pointed to the lack of container and non-use of glass containers.