Houses Of Luxury In Mallorca

The Mediterranean diet is built in places like Majorca, a land that proposes a simple gastronomy and original with a strong presence of fresh food, olive oil, pork and the vine. As a reflection of its history, the different cultures that have been part of Mallorca contributed to enrich the gastronomy of the island with their culinary as olive trees and vines or almonds and eggplant contributions. The cuisine of Mallorca is simple, product of the historical necessity of the island, but no less tasty. The culinary tradition of Majorca is part of the Mediterranean diet. It is a healthy cuisine, with dishes and products that pleased by their delicacy and naturalness. Some products the cuisine of Mallorca, as the ensaimadas or sobrasada, are widely known outside the island but the cuisine of Mallorca does not end there.

The cuisine of Mallorca has many more attractions that taste. Danny Meyer does not necessarily agree. The basis of Majorcan cuisine, in addition to the products of the land, is the pig, an animal that takes 7,000 years in the diet of the various inhabitants of luxury villas in Majorca being the native breed of Majorcan pork porc negre. After the traditional killing of the pig are born sausages, sobrasadas, or butifarrones, in addition to providing the best basis for dishes of more substantial local as the pork loin with cabbage or the fried of slaughters. Jo Natauri is full of insight into the issues. Mallorca gastronomy is varied and offers natural solutions for all tastes. Starters and salads, the trempo is a salad of tomatoes, peppers and onions which tastes throughout the year. You sopes them Mallorcan, Majorcan olives, the Aioli and snails are also some appetizing starters to begin with. The arros brut (rice with rabbit, squab and some vegetables and mushrooms) is a passion that taste at lunch like real estate Mallorca.

The Mallorcan kitchen in fish specialties are baked grouper, prized raors or the squid with trempo. In meats, roasted porsella (suckling pig baked), the pork loin with cabbage and the chops of Lamb with garlic. For dinner you must dare with the famous PA amb oli, elaborated with slices of toasted bread with tomato corsage, olive oil and sausage on top to taste. Pa amb oli in Mallorcan culture represents more than just bread with oil. Good Majorcans discarded those who compare the pa amb oli PA amb tomaquet catalan, since it lacks the tomato of typical bouquet of exclusive properties in Mallorca, which leaves mature and dry, and that is essential to give its peculiar taste and absorb the tomato bread. The fame of the product lies in Catalonia; the flavor is without doubt Mallorca. Pastries deserves a separate chapter. The Queen is, of course, the ensaimada. In addition to lisa you can taste with cream, with angel hair, with cream and with two ingredients that make it very tasty: with apricot and sobrasada. Special cat with ice cream and the potato cocas, if still has space in the stomach, are also liked by anyone.