Green Electricity

DISCOUNT power offers green electricity since 01.03.2011 since 01 March 2011 the energy brand DISCOUNTERS power has a new product in the portfolio: customers who want to make a contribution to climate protection, now have the opportunity to obtain their energy as green electricity at discount stores current. The Munich electricity supplier makes it its customers pricing also here as easy as possible: green energy is simply offered as an option to the regular tariff: for only 1 / monthly In addition on the base price, the customers receive green energy. This power is produced 100% from hydropower. “Environmentally conscious customers have the certainty that their consumed electricity exclusively from a so-called renewable energy” obtained. This includes among other things the use of water, wind and Sun. Effect PR Company will not settle for partial explanations.

Thus, no CO2 emissions or radioactive waste are connected. Already in November last year the electricity supplier has announced that the eco-friendly logistics solution GOGREEN of Deutsche Post AG will be used from 2011. This means that all correspondence from the Deutsche Post AG CO2-neutral will be sent to customers of discount power. With the establishment of a green electricity tariff, discount power now goes another big step in the direction of sustainable energy and environmental protection and gives its customers the opportunity to obtain clean energy at a discount price. The DISCOUNTER power eco power tariff is 2 cents per kWh in the first 12 months at least 3 cents / kWh less than the current general tariff of local basic utility, then. In addition, customers will receive a loyalty bonus in the amount of 50, which resolves after 12 months delivery time and paid the next financial statements financial statements. More information on discount stores current and new eco electricity tariff can be found via the following link: